Using URL Parameters for an SSRS Report in SharePoint Integrated Mode

SSRS running in SharePoint integrated mode provides a great experience, but how can one pass in parameters to such a report (rdl) published to SharePoint?

here’s a URL that works for what you intended:

Here’s how to construct the URL:
1. Get the SPWeb; this is the lowest site for the RDL report. In this case it is http://WebAppName/sites/SiteName/WebName which is in the SPWeb below the site collection.
2. Add on “/_vti_bin/reportserver?”
3. Add on the full URL of the RDL; you can get that by going to the All Files view, and clicking the ellipses (“…”) and clicking on the full URL and copy. Or right click on the RDL link and copy URL.
4. Add on your &parameters

Parameter examples include:

Collapsing parameter pane: &rc:Parameters=Collapsed

Zooming to whole page or page width: &rc:Zoom=Page Width

Jump to report section: &rc:Section=4

Happy reporting!